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{REVIEW +GIVEAWAY} Irreplaceable (Harmony, #2) by Angela Graham

Goodreads Summary
It wasn’t his fault she lay broken and battered. He wasn’t responsible for the injuries covering her bruised body.
Her heart, however, told a different story. She endured the pain of its jagged edges as it shattered against her chest, ripping through the hope she once held. Her spirit was broken, and only one man was to blame for that.
Cassandra Clarke had known better than to trust her all to a man like Logan West. She’d thought he was different—a better man than he’d portrayed to others. A man worth risking it all for. 
But she was wrong, and would never make that mistake again.
What happens when you question everything you longed to believe—deny all emotions you still hold for a man unworthy of them?

Faced with Logan’s persistence, Cassandra must find the strength to keep her guard up or risk falling again for the one man her body feels…is irreplaceable.

*This book is intended for mature audiences*

My Review
Let me just start off by saying that the cover looks AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!

Irreplaceable starts off where the first one left off. Cassandra wakes up from the hospital and is consumed with anger for Logan as well as betrayal for all those awful things he said to her that night when Natasha showed up. Cassandra thinks that she will never be able to forgive Logan. But Logan being Logan *swoon* does everything in his power to make things better with Cassandra. Logan is still very protective of her (and jealous at times) that he insist on helping her shower when he learns that a male nurse was the one who was going to be helping her. Let me tell you right now that he does some pretty swoon worthy things in this book that I found myself telling Cassandra to get over it and forgive him already! Cassandra (she's a stubborn one), knowing his passed playboy days thinks that if she can just get Logan to sleep with her, he'll just move on. He tells her he wants to be with her, but she's just too hurt to believe that he truly does. All Cassie wants is for Logan to leave her alone and move on, but does Logan ever listen? NO! And I love that about Logan. He never gives up. Tries his hardest to so Cassie that she means everything to him. You can literally feel how much Logan loves and want to be with Cassie.

I started reading this book and I could not, by the life of me, put it down. It was that good! Every chapter entices you. Makes you want to stay up wayyy past your bedtime and keep reading. I can't tell you the last time I read a book and didn't want to stop reading. I kind of regretted reading it so fast because I didn't want it to end, but I wanted to know what happened next. Irreplaceable caused me such a hangover that I didn't know what to do with myself. OH WHY MUST I WAIT SO LONG FOR BOOK THREE!?!?! Angela Graham, why do you do this to me!?

My rating: 

***Thank you so much to Angela Graham for providing me with this ARC and for donating for a giveaway***

About this author

I am happily married to my husband of five years, have three wonderful children and a beautiful feline companion that keeps me company during late night writing binges. My love of reading has been life long but it was in early 2012 when I was inspired to finally put pen to paper and write my first story. Since then I haven't been able to stop, fueled purely by my passion to write a story and create characters that readers will enjoy.  
New Adult romances are my go to books to read as well as to write. They are young, fresh and full of hope. What's not to love! Check out my Facebook page for a deleted chapter from Inevitable as well as teasers for book 2.

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