Friday, October 18, 2013

BOOK BLITZ: Faithless by Amanda Bennett

Today's Spotlight & Book Blitz is for Faithless, the newest novel from the amazing Amanda Bennett!

About Faithless

Sometimes in the darkness, we find the light. At least the fortunate ones do. For those who don't want to find the light are sometimes forced into it. What do you do when a stranger in the darkness ends up being your savior?
Riley Turner never expected or wanted to see her twenty-first birthday, and she planned not to. Feeling lost and alone her entire life with no one to love or support her, there was never a reason to exist. That was until the stranger who saves her, becomes the one person to show her what life is really about. Riley finds her world being turned upside down and for the first time ever, finds herself wanting to live.
Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes that reason doesn't always make sense, especially when life hasn't always been so kind. Will Riley be able to over come her fears and finally find a reason to live her life, or will she see just how cruel life really can be after believing and taking a chance?


I gave her a full smile before I pulled her into my chest, wrapping my arms around her tiny body. She fit perfectly against mine, and I couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like to lay next to her. To feel her skin against my own, with no barriers between us and nothing to break us apart.   
The crisp night air rustles my soft brown tendrils, making them tickle my cheeks. I glance down one last time as my bare toes dangle over the sandy edge. The sounds of
cars passing below barely register in my mind, as I'm thinking of the things that I no
longer have control over. Another gust of wind whips across my hyper sensitive skin, sending chills down my spine. A slight shiver has me crossing my arms across my chest to keep in the minimal amount of warmth still flowing through my body. The vast Pacific Ocean looks serene and unbelievably calm at this hour and I can't help but realize the draw people have to it's embrace.
I could still taste her on my lips. My head was reeling from our kiss. My heart felt more open and accepting than it had ever felt before. Something about her had me yearning for her touch, and longing for her presence. I was well aware that Riley had her own issues that were keeping her from me, but part me wanted to be one of them. For as long as I could remember, I had never felt the kind of love that Riley encompassed. It wasn't an 'in your face' kind of love. It was a love that ran deep and true and one that she would cherish forever despite the consequences or outcome. 


Author Bio:
Amanda currently lives in Utah with her many men (her husband, two little boys, and two dogs).  She is an avid San Francisco 49ers and Dexter fan. In high school she developed a love for writing and storytelling, and in the past couple years has made it her passion as she just released her ninth book.

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